That Christmas feeling

I’ve just spent 24 hours in Leeds with two of my closest girlfriends. The plan was no men, no kids, just us girls, a bit of shopping and a lot of cocktails in Harvey Nic’s.

We’d all been looking forward to the trip for some time. My friend (who I’m always starting Yoga with) and I have had two similar excursions over the last 18 months, both of which resulted in both of us spending lots of money we didn’t have on expensive purchases and countless apple martini’s. Not that my beloved minded, he was on the receiving end of the majority of my lavish gift buying!

For me, this weekend was about kicking off the festive season proper. Lavish Christmas gift buying, cocktails and giggles. I managed the second two.. It was a tremendously fun weekend. It really was so good to spend quality time with my girls! But, as I’ve just said to my friend… I’m still not feeling “Christmassy”.

I recall that I had a similar feeling last year. It was well into December before “that Christmas feeling” started to make itself known to me. You may think this normal. But, I am very well known in my close circles to be more than slightly obsessed with the festive season; writing my letter to Santa by October 31st at the latest, having my table settings planned and organised by the end of November and generally acting with exponential giddiness from around November 1st.

But it seems that either something (or things) are getting in the way or other things are becoming more important, as I get older… I’m not sure which. Or, maybe it’s a bit if both.

What I am sure of, though, is that Christmas is becoming less about “me” (in my own mind I mean). Hey, I’m not saying that it’s not about me at all. My whole life is generally “all about me”. Just ask my beloved. But, I’m getting better. I even suggested that a meal in a restaurant may be an easier option this year, as opposed to the full traditional dinner for 13 at my Mum’s – and I should tell you that anything that doesn’t fall into the archetypal Hollywood Movie Christmas Day scene is generally met with horror and revolt by me!

So, maybe it’s a good thing that I’m not feeling Christmassy just yet. It will give Santa one less kid to worry about this year!


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