Blog #2

I haven’t written a blog for a short while and this is my 2nd attempt at this one. The first one was all about how I was doing with my positivity and enthusiasm this month. But, I was struggling to think what to say. Well, without repeating from previous posts, anyway. And I suddenly thought, yikes! Have I run out of things to talk about already? After 2 months and only 20 posts am I done?

Now, I’m not known for being short of words (normally at the worst possible times to the exasperation of my friends and family). So, as you can imagine, this has come as quite a shock!

I’m looking back through my notebook. I carry my notebook everywhere and write down little things that I see or hear. Things that just pop into my head. Things I want to know more about and things I want to share. Here’s a few examples;

1. Religion/Spiritualism (both subjects to generally avoid discussing with everyone but those whom you know very, very well!)

2. Nature Vs Nurture

3. Art Deco

4. Queueing

5. What is Success?

6. Airports

Some of these are very big subjects. Some just a little obscure (airports? what on earth could I write about airports?). All quite varied you’ll agree? Come to think of it, I haven’t noted anything down in a while either.

You’ll remember, if you read my posts regularly, that I’m a bit motivationally challenged. Over the years I have collected a fleet of projects and initiatives that I have successfully started but have failed to complete… could blogging be the next shipwreck?

Like most people I’ve been focusing a lot these past couple of weeks on Christmas. And I think it’s clouding my creative mind. Maybe I just have writer’s mist , instead of a full on block. I hope so. I talk to myself all the time (in my head that is – I’m not THAT weird!). And it’s kinda nice to think that there might be a handful of people out there who are actually listening…


One thought on “Blog #2

  1. I love Art Deco too. not just the buildings. Think it might be something to do with Charles Rennie McIntosh for me though. Dunno. Interesting though.

    And I think you should stick in at the blogging. From a selfish point of view, I enjoy reading it.

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