The Bucket List

Inspired by Brooke Burke’s twitter post (her bucket list) yesterday and spurred on by snowballing thoughts of what I’d rather be doing… I took some time to come up with a list of my own…

You’ll find a theme or two running through the list… but what does your list say about you? Send me what’s on your list and we’ll see if one day we’ll all be <spoiler alert!> taking a trip on the Orient Express together one day!

My Bucket List*
– Own a house in the South of France, with lots of outside space for kids to run around and not too far from the sea
– Have kids… for the running around outside of the house!
– Spend weeks at a time at said SoF house
– Work from home with flexible hours (i.e. I say when I work, maybe blog for a living!)
– See Tigers in India
– Dance at Pineapple Dance Studios (Anyone else loving Louis on Sky1?)
– Go on a mega-luxury blow out holiday somewhere hot – just once – just the two of us
– Go skiing, complete with log cabin and roaring log fire (will also need to add ski lessons here!)
– Celebrate my birthday at the Carnival in Rio de Janiero
– Win Strictly Come Dancing (OK, I know you have to be a celeb to get in in the first place, but I might get spotted at Pineapple, you never know!)
– Visit Japan – bullet train, Tokyo, Kyoto (staying in a traditional Ryokan, see a Geisha show and Sumo)
– Go to Paris for the weekend on EuroStar (yes, even though I might spend half my trip sub Channel – as long as it’s 1st class sweetie!)
– Buy something from Cartier
– Own ruby shoes (real ones… rubies, I mean, not shoes… well shoes as well obviously!)
– Charter a yacht and spend a week sailing round the med
– See the Grand Prix at Monaco
– Take a trip on the Orient Express
– Always be in love (OK, pinched that one form Brooke, but how lovely would that be?!)
– Have happy kids that get what they want out of their lives

*Version 1. I wonder how often or how soon the list will change…


3 thoughts on “The Bucket List

  1. I thought this would be easy, but I have a simple little dream….
    – own a casita (actually will go for a chalet as it is a dream) in the middle of the traumantana mountains here in mallorca, the only sounds are of my donkey (Donald), my chickens, my sheep, my goat, my cat and my dogs and my highland cow (now I’m not sure if its legal to actually bring one over here). And of course there we’d have the beautiful grounds with olive, orange, and almond trees, growing our own fruit and veg. Along with a beautiful pool and a couple of very happy kiddies to enjoy all with us. Endless amounts of candles EVERYWHERE in the house and grounds. Oh wait, think I’m going to put a couple of horses in there too, what the heck. That’s just for starters….

  2. Actually, just realised, I don’t really have that many dreams, all my dreaming time and energy seems to go into my little casita (or now chalet), perhaps its because I am living my dream. My dreams for years were focused on a life in the med, in Mallorca, and now here I am.

  3. Sounds just lovely! And you’re right, you are so lucky to be living your dream. Well, not luck really, it was your own drive and determination that got your there! You Go Girl!!

    But.. nothing on the list like jumping out of a plane in a Lady GaGa outfit before you “kick the bucket” then? 😉

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