Baby On The Brain

Wow! It’s been a while since I wrote anything. Well, in relation to how regularly I’d been writing in the few weeks leading up to my absence, at least.

It’s not that I haven’t had anything exciting or interesting to share. Au contraire… It’s just that I’ve developed a syndrome; Baby-On-The-Brain. So, I’m currently living life in my own little world, thinking about babies, my baby, constantly. I think about nothing else, not even work… even when I’m there!

Since the big announcement and my pregnancy becoming “official” a little bump has popped out of my belly. It seemed to appear from nowhere, overnight.

I experienced a mild panic yesterday when the hard, round mass that I’ve so quickly become accustomed to, went all soft and squishy. I honestly thought I’d mis-placed my child! A quick visit to mumsnet reassured me that I hadn’t mis-placed little Strawbug at all, (s)he was probably just having a rest towards the back of my body. Still, I was mighty relieved when the round mass hardened up again. Phew!

I wish I had one of those baby heartbeat listening devices. I was taken completely by surprise (and tearful delight) when, at a recent midwife appointment I was introduced to the drum rolling sound of my baby’s heartbeat. Amazing! Exciting! Real!

Come to think of it, it was about 2 seconds after that experience that I started hugging my little bump… and I haven’t stopped since. All I can do (all I do do) is hold it, stroke it, rub it gently in a soft soothing circular motion. I’m sure people think I have constant gas (which I do, but that’s another matter)… I don’t care though. I just keep on hugging little Strawbug, not letting go.

Do you think it’s a prophecy of my motherhood?


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