Burn Baby Burn

Short blog today… thought I’d share (briefly) my own experience of one of those great joys of pregnancy – heartburn/indegestion (I “/” them because in all honesty, I don’t know the difference between them or which one I’ve got!)

Since the beginning of my pregnancy I’ve suffered from heartburn (I’m going to pick this one and stick with it for the purposes of telling the story). I’ve had a staple pack of chewable Rennies in every handbag, drawer and car glove compartment for the last 6 months (well not every car, cos we only have one). More recently I’ve added a bottle of Gaviscon to the remedy collection (carrying one everywhere) and also had to completely give up eating bread related products… Well, I say give up – truth is I love bread so, it’s more like “hell mend me” (as my grannie would say) when I do give in and have a piece of toast or dip a piece of pitta into the sour cream and chive dip. I know the risks and sometimes I just choose to pay the consequences, OK?!

Last night, I was already extremely uncomfortable (and very very tired) on going to bed (…at 9:30). As usual I couldn’t get comfortable (body and bump permanently feel like I’ve overdone it at the gym) and for some reason the heartburn quadruples at night.

To cut a long story short, heartburn led to severe nausea. It subsided after about 10 minutes, and when I lay back down again a wave of stomach acid raced up my oesophagus , along the back of my throat, all the way up and then down out of my nose! What the???????!!!! Got to say, never had that before.

Sounds funny now, I know but my God does it burn! And it just kept coming!

I managed to cool the burn in my throat and my stomach with my trusty Gaviscon but how on earth does one medicate the point where your nose cavity meets the top of your throat? I thought about snorting some milk, but it seemed a step too far.

In the end, like a martyr, I sat and suffered till it passed and I eventually got to sleep about 5:45 this morning just as my Beloved’s alarm was going off for him to get up for work.

I feel like I’m always complaining these days, and I shouldn’t because I know I’m lucky (tired, heavy and unglamorous but lucky) to have a gift of such magnitude coming my way in a few weeks. But, jeez, it can be hard sometimes to remember that. Especially at 5am when you’re sat in the dark on your own, you’ve had no sleep, your eyes are watering and you’re mopping up acid dribbles from your nose.


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