It’s not like having your own cat!

I’m sitting here, marveling at my 19 month old cat, who is stretched out on the floor doing nothing in particular. I’m marveling at his cuteness, at how amazing he is. He’s not doing anything in particular, just lying there being a cat.

He’s now resting his little chin on his little paw and is looking up at me… his other paw he has placed downwards along his side, awww! Honestly, if it wasn’t for a number of friends of mine sharing similar stories with me – I’d think I was crazy (I’m sure you’re already thinking it).

2 minutes later and he’s doing his Mission Impossible impression as he scales along the underneath of the sofa, sliding along the floor on his back. He’s pulling bits of material out of the fabric as he goes… but all I can think is “awww!” (although I do have the good sense to at least talk to him sternly and tell him that he’s being naughty!)

Surely I’m not the only girl (and I use that term loosely!) in the world who refers to herself as Mummy when she’s talking to her cat. (Linda Lowen says I’m not). Hell, even my mum refers to herself as his Grandma!

My good friend (whom I regularly “start going to Yoga” with) used to have a cat. He passed away a couple of years ago and is sadly missed. (R.I.P. Dudley). She tells me that having a cat is good training for having a kid (she has 2… kids that is). She’s pretty much my Oracle these days on all things feline, marital and offspring related so, I take her at her word.

Another friend sent me a cartoon depicting my current state of mind, it is the same as her own, and of countless many others like us – check it out here! It strikes me, that of all the people I know in our little world (where kiddies have 4 very furry legs and a tail) none of us have children (of the non-hairy 2 legged kind, I mean). Does that say something about us?

I remember when our little furball first came into our lives – at 3 weeks old, seriously you have never seen ANYTHING cuter in your life! kids or no kids! – and I beamed with joy and pride telling everyone I met of our new arrival. Most people responded “It’ll be babies next!”

Sometimes we think about having another. However,  furball #1 is becoming quite the Diva and we’re not sure he’d take too kindly to someone else moving into his turf. He’s everything people say about cats. But we love him, with the most unconditional love in the world. No matter how many shoe laces he chews off or how many catches he pulls in the curtains. But then, I never had a pet when I was growing up (save the odd goldfish).  So, am I just one of life’s late learners or am I training for something completely different?


Learner blogger

So, this is my first post on my first blog. My learner blog.

Not a massively interesting opening statement, but then this is all new. To me anyway.

My first goal, is to work out how to use the technology! So, don’t be surprised to see a couple of weird things happening on screen for a while till I get used to it.

Goal 1A (alternative first goal)  but of clear equal importance (if not more importance)  is to work out what on earth I’m going to blog about. Can’t promise anything earth shattering – but as a learner, am very open to the teachings of my more experienced peers…

In the meantime… how do I make this thing look nice?