Easy like Sunday morning

This weekend in the UK is a 3 day weekend as we have the May Day Bank Holiday on Monday. Extra weekend days are such a treat! It’s like having 2 Sundays! You get a real shot at winding down and enjoying life.

I recently asked on my Facebook page; “What would be your perfect Sunday?”. I admit the response wasn’t overwhelming! (There were 0 comments, but its early days for the page and only 5 fans so far, so I remain positive for the future). But I have been thinking about how I would spend my perfect Sunday… and indeed whether I will be able to make the time to have a perfect Sunday this weekend.

To me though, the perfect Sunday would be like a perfect any other day of the week. And it would start with having had a really sound sleep the night before…

I’d wake at a reasonable time; not too early, but early enough to enjoy the quiet of the morning, say about 8am? The sun would be shining, the birds would be tweeting and  there would be a lovely fresh summer breeze rippling through the curtains. I can almost smell the freshly cut grass just by picturing the scene.

My Beloved and I would make our way to the garden for breakfast. And somehow, magically, with no-one else in the house, there it would be sitting ready for us. Fresh hot croissants, fresh fruit salad and a pot of really nice coffee. We would read the newspapers, browse the magazines and generally relax. Now, I’d be happy to settle for breakfast in my own garden, but if we were in our garden in our little French property by the sea (a dream of mine… check out My Bucket List) then that really would be the perfect start to the perfect day!

After breakfast, we’d wander around a local farmer’s market and then take a stroll along the beach. Again, most happy for  that to be our own beach here (with internationally renowned art installation, but a little cold and no crashing or bubbling wave sound effects) but if it could be the south of France, Malibu or St.Barts that would be preferable!

Lunch would be light and al fresco. Then I’d get together with all my friends and family for a good old fashioned party. I’m thinking BBQ, a band and one of those raised, square wooden  dance floors they have at southern fairs in the movies.. with lights all around. Of course it would need to be catered, so that everyone could relax and just enjoy… and this would definitely need to be held at our French residence as there’s not enough room in our back yard for all of my family, let alone a dance floor and a hog roast!

The day would end around 11pm (hey, that’s a late night for me), with myself, my Beloved and our little furball all cuddled up in bed with warm milk and a feel good movie… and we wouldn’t have to worry about hangovers or work the next day because in the world of Perfect Days those don’t exist.

Oh and at some point in my perfect day, I’d receive a call from an Internet Mogul offering me mega-sponsorship so that I could give up my job and blog for a living!


A Child of the 80’s

This weekend my Beloved and I are heading south to visit his family, my in-laws. I was going to write a blog on the subject of in-laws but I hold my hands up, I bottled it. For fear of getting myself into hot water, I decided instead to share my passion for 80’s music inspired by hearing Human League on the radio just now.

I’m in my 30’s (I won’t tell you how far into my 30’s!). A child of the 80’s. When I grew up I wanted to be either Madonna (who didn’t have a pair of lace gloves?) or Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink (quirky, edgy, creative and an all round good egg – or maybe it’s now that I wish I had been more like her growing up).

Strangely, I wasn’t overly interested in music when I was younger.  Particularly around this era, I was pre and early teens and didn’t really start listening to music until I was 17 and life “got hard” (i.e. i didn’t get to do what i wanted – aka go to the pub, no-one understood me and boys didn’t know i was alive!!!) 

But hearing 80’s music now conjures feelings and images of youth, of innocence maybe. Memories of a time when I was convinced that my life was going to be one big brat pack movie (come to think of it, that thought didn’t entirely leave me until relatively recently…)

Is that why nostalgia is so prevalent nowadays? Or is it just me (and most of my friends as well as Soleil Moonfrye, I follow her on Twitter, she’s a major 80’s music fan!). If I remember I think it arrived with the cards I received on my Big 3-Oh Birthday.  Do we all yearn for a life less complicated?

But I suggest to you, if life were less complicated, wouldn’t it be boring? Where’s the reward without the challenge? Do we really want to be children again? Apart from the fact that being a child today is far different from being a child in the 80’s (which is an entire blog subject on it’s own, complete with rose tinted glasses paragraph!), just think of all the things you’d be missing out on… choosing your own bedtime, watching Shaun of the Dead, driving country roads (faster than you’re supposed to), drinking apple martini’s (not at the same time as driving the country roads, obviously!)

I don’t think we’re yearning to regress to 12 years old. I think we’re just staying in touch with our inner child. Keeping connected to our true selves. Grabbing opportunities to experience joy when they present themselves. So, stick on your old tape mixes, turn it up to 11 and bop around that living room and live it up – 80’s style!!!

That Christmas Feeling is here… Pass it on!

This blog is inspired by my friend who I’m forever starting yoga with… She told me something last night that made me feel amazing. So I’m passing it on 🙂

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about losing my Christmas feeling. Well, not lose it so much as it not turning up as far in advance of the big day as it used to. Well, guess what? My Christmas feeling has arrived! Literally just showed up 5 minutes ago.

I’ve spent this weekend with my Sister, her friends and the girls in my family, celebrating her upcoming nuptials. I’ve been part of the organising committee for the weekend event and am very happy to report it was a resounding success!

There’s been all sorts of silly games and dressing up. The entire city joined in this morning when they put on their Santa suits and ran 5k for charity or for fun. (The “Santa Dash” is an annual event in Liverpool where thousands of Santa’s run through the tunnel under the River Mersey and back again).

It’s not over yet, though, we still have one last surprise later today which involves the whole family (boys included). And I think my Sister will love it! As will I. We’re both pretty family-centric and we treasure every minute we all get to spend together. Which is sometimes not as often or as much as we’d like. And, just so you know, I count my close friends as family also.

So, I don’t know if Christmas has arrived because the organising committee has been disbanded and it sensed I now had room for it in my life. Or whether the Sea of Santa’s I had to swim through this morning brought it on. Or indeed getting to spend time with my family has refocused my mind on what’s important and gotten me excited about us all getting together again in a few weeks.

Probably a little bit of the first two and a lot of the last one. After all Christmas us about love… and a little bit about pressies under the tree. But really it’s about love and family and friends. It’s about reminding ourselves that we’re not in this life alone and we need to appreciate those we have in our lives, walking the path with us.

So, look around you, and the next person you see who is part of your life… wife, brother, mother, pal, whoever… Give them a big hug, tell them you love them and tell them how glad you are that they are on the path of life with you! I guarantee that short 10 seconds will leave you both feeling amazing!

I’d personally like to say to my friend, I love you and I am so happy to have you in my life.

And these sentiments should not just be saved for Christmas. Go spread the love. Spread the joy of Christmas!