The Bucket List

Inspired by Brooke Burke’s twitter post (her bucket list) yesterday and spurred on by snowballing thoughts of what I’d rather be doing… I took some time to come up with a list of my own…

You’ll find a theme or two running through the list… but what does your list say about you? Send me what’s on your list and we’ll see if one day we’ll all be <spoiler alert!> taking a trip on the Orient Express together one day!

My Bucket List*
– Own a house in the South of France, with lots of outside space for kids to run around and not too far from the sea
– Have kids… for the running around outside of the house!
– Spend weeks at a time at said SoF house
– Work from home with flexible hours (i.e. I say when I work, maybe blog for a living!)
– See Tigers in India
– Dance at Pineapple Dance Studios (Anyone else loving Louis on Sky1?)
– Go on a mega-luxury blow out holiday somewhere hot – just once – just the two of us
– Go skiing, complete with log cabin and roaring log fire (will also need to add ski lessons here!)
– Celebrate my birthday at the Carnival in Rio de Janiero
– Win Strictly Come Dancing (OK, I know you have to be a celeb to get in in the first place, but I might get spotted at Pineapple, you never know!)
– Visit Japan – bullet train, Tokyo, Kyoto (staying in a traditional Ryokan, see a Geisha show and Sumo)
– Go to Paris for the weekend on EuroStar (yes, even though I might spend half my trip sub Channel – as long as it’s 1st class sweetie!)
– Buy something from Cartier
– Own ruby shoes (real ones… rubies, I mean, not shoes… well shoes as well obviously!)
– Charter a yacht and spend a week sailing round the med
– See the Grand Prix at Monaco
– Take a trip on the Orient Express
– Always be in love (OK, pinched that one form Brooke, but how lovely would that be?!)
– Have happy kids that get what they want out of their lives

*Version 1. I wonder how often or how soon the list will change…


Happy Birthday

It seems I share my birthday with many people from various walks of life; Jamie Murray, Peter Gabriel, Peter Hook, Kim Novak, George Segal, Mena Suvari, Rizzo from Grease!!!! and of course the inimitable Mr. Robbie Williams. Oh wait, they’re all mostly from film and music. Well there’s, more. Honest. Check out Wikipedia.

I came across the old Wednesday’s Child poem and after some quick maths (well an internet calculator) worked out that I was one of them (as is Mr. Williams). Full of woe, apparently. Haha, that explains a lot! Maybe that’s why I had to force myself to be positive for the entire month of December last year? Now, if they’d said Wednesday’s child is clumsy as hell, I would be nodding like the proverbial dog. (For example I’ve just taken a sip of diet coke from an almost empty can and managed to pour the whole lot down my cheeks and onto my knees!).

I suppose I can take refuge in the fact that I’m not a Thursday’s child – Far to go – like Jamie Murray. But then given he’s a Wimbledon winner, I’m thinking I should take more refuge in the fact that it’s a clearly a load of poppycock!

So every year for as long as I can remember, and probably for longer back than that, I have gotten uber-excited about my birthday. Because I get presents? Yes. Because I’m now definitely older than I was last year? When I was a teenager, maybe. Now… not so much. Because for the whole day people treat me like I’m special? (hey, I know what youre thinking!  not in that way!) Yes. Probably.

Do I not feel special every day? Not particularly. Would I want to feel special every day? I’m not sure. If you felt that way every day wouldn’t it become the norm and no longer be special?

Whilst you ruminate on that last question, I’ll be (hopefully) unwrapping gifts, blowing out candles and generally lapping up all that extra love and attention! (not that I’m unloved or neglected on any given non-birthday day… but you do get more on your “special” day, dont you?!).

As John Lennon said, “Another year over, a new one just begun…” No wait, wasn’t that the last blog? Oops! Bubbles going to my head! If it’s your birthday today too – Happy Birthday To You! 🙂

That Christmas Feeling is here… Pass it on!

This blog is inspired by my friend who I’m forever starting yoga with… She told me something last night that made me feel amazing. So I’m passing it on 🙂

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about losing my Christmas feeling. Well, not lose it so much as it not turning up as far in advance of the big day as it used to. Well, guess what? My Christmas feeling has arrived! Literally just showed up 5 minutes ago.

I’ve spent this weekend with my Sister, her friends and the girls in my family, celebrating her upcoming nuptials. I’ve been part of the organising committee for the weekend event and am very happy to report it was a resounding success!

There’s been all sorts of silly games and dressing up. The entire city joined in this morning when they put on their Santa suits and ran 5k for charity or for fun. (The “Santa Dash” is an annual event in Liverpool where thousands of Santa’s run through the tunnel under the River Mersey and back again).

It’s not over yet, though, we still have one last surprise later today which involves the whole family (boys included). And I think my Sister will love it! As will I. We’re both pretty family-centric and we treasure every minute we all get to spend together. Which is sometimes not as often or as much as we’d like. And, just so you know, I count my close friends as family also.

So, I don’t know if Christmas has arrived because the organising committee has been disbanded and it sensed I now had room for it in my life. Or whether the Sea of Santa’s I had to swim through this morning brought it on. Or indeed getting to spend time with my family has refocused my mind on what’s important and gotten me excited about us all getting together again in a few weeks.

Probably a little bit of the first two and a lot of the last one. After all Christmas us about love… and a little bit about pressies under the tree. But really it’s about love and family and friends. It’s about reminding ourselves that we’re not in this life alone and we need to appreciate those we have in our lives, walking the path with us.

So, look around you, and the next person you see who is part of your life… wife, brother, mother, pal, whoever… Give them a big hug, tell them you love them and tell them how glad you are that they are on the path of life with you! I guarantee that short 10 seconds will leave you both feeling amazing!

I’d personally like to say to my friend, I love you and I am so happy to have you in my life.

And these sentiments should not just be saved for Christmas. Go spread the love. Spread the joy of Christmas!