About Me

A little bit about me…

Learner blogger, Learner mummy

Fairly new to blogging (started October 2009), new to motherhood (had my first baby in September 2010). Not so new to life (I’m not the youngest mummy at the nursery gates, by a long stretch!). But still hoping to learn some stuff…

I’m capricious, transient and easily distracted. Can’t stick to one thing for too long (even blogging).  

I’ve said in the past that this blog doesn’t have a Theme. That it’s not a mommy blog. In truth though, I’m just so in love with my Baby Girl that thoughts of her creep into everything I do. So, if your easily upset/bored/sickened by gushy first time parents, then this probably isn’t the blog for you.

Help me blog better by leaving comments and suggestions and then… watch this space!


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Micjee!

    Congratulations on expecting your first child in September. I thought I should just let you know about a competition that is being held by Cake Lingerie a luxurious maternity and nursing lingerie brand.

    They are search for 3 ‘real’ everyday mums to be the face of their latest international campaign ‘Real Mums, Real Fit’. A day of pampering, beautiful prizes and memories to last a lifetime.

    To find our more about the competition please feel free to visit Mamma La Rocca’s website, http://www.mammalarocca.co.uk/content/16-Cake-Lingerie-Mums-Search.

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